Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Button Swap Aftermath

My first button swap blog hop is winding down. I actually made it to every blog and I'm thinking, Wow! I have learned so much about the blog hop swap routine. I failed to make a succinct post about our sponsor, Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Beads Studio and to brag about my partner, Angie Blasingame of Hopemore Studios. I hope they forgive me and know that I will do a much better job next time.
I loved watching all my stats change as the last two days have passed. I visited 90 blogs, I'm following as many as I was able. The blog hop isn't over for everyone and I expect it will be a few days til it is. So far, since the opening of the blog hop I have had 21 comments (a new record). I love reading all of them and plan to revisit/follow them as well. My blog also received over 480 hits. Wow! It's like discovering a entire community of artists and people who are liking the stuff I like. Cool, right? I had so much fun using Angie's buttons and beading my batik fabric that I couldn't put everything away. As you can see here. This little bag is going to be fringed!

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