Friday, September 14, 2012

September Photo Shoot

I realized I was creating new bags, see earlier posts, just to avoid the big photo shoot I have, also, been ignoring. So, two new bags later I couldn't justify putting the shoot off any longer. I'll share the new bags in the future and stay focused on all the new Etsy listings I have to create because of the photo shoot.
Here are the first items made with polymer clay and vintage embellishments, photographed and photo shopped. The sunburst shaped fan brooch with a bone face is "Ra". The fan brooch with the bone frog is called "Lily Pad".


  1. Ra looks perfect for Halloween - and Lily Pad are just my favourite colours! Look forward to seeing the rest - the photoshoot is successful to date anyway!

  2. Wonderful! Love the little frog on the 'Lily pad', such a nice touch!