Friday, September 6, 2013

Salt & Peppa Shakes

I have been wanting to design items for the home, actually, table top. I had some good sales this summer, and went to the store and found lots of glass goodies to experiment with. These are my first salt and pepper shakers and I added a sugar jar. Wanna giggle, the sugar jar was once full of bullion cubes. Great wide mouth jar. Where can I sell table top? :-)


  1. We all miss my mother Billi R.S. Rothove. She passed away September 5th, 2015. She was truly a free spirit and there is something we should try to take away from her freedom of spirit. She only wanted to do her art. She had the chance to do so... We should be as lucky to have accomplished our true desire. She did....
    I love and miss my mother. I am who she made me.To all who appreciated her thank you, that is all she ever wanted....

    -------------------------------Her Son--------------Jesse Rothove---

  2. Given time her work may become available again. I have to be able to part with it. It is her effort after all and if held it is felt. I am a bit jealous of these things. Afer all I grew up in unversity art galleries and have a unique appreciation for art. My own mothers is near and dear. They contain many memories for me. I will nonetheless endeavor to at least record these few unpublished pieces online.------------------------Jesse Rothove