Saturday, October 26, 2013

Off the Communication Grid

Y'know that cable bundle that costs the size of a modest car payment? Mine went completely out for 48 hours. Besides the series of expletives I was thinking...cause their calls are monitored for quality control...I finally had to drive to a nearby BP station to make a call to my son so he could spend the 45 minute wait to report my outage. Instead of maintaining my anger, I set up my laptop for Mom to watch dvd movies and found an old transistor radio so she could get her news.A little 20th/21st century for her. Me, I am listening to the Shannara series on audio so my hands were free. And what does she do to stay calm and stay out of trouble...make Genie bottles. LOL After the cable was restored, I checked my messages. Besides all the regular type calls, there were four messages from the cable company telling me that if I did not respond to the massages to verify my appointment for the repair, they would not come to the house. Just telling you about it makes all those unsaid expletives to come roaring into my mind! I suppose I will wait until Monday to request a credit for 48 hours of no communication, which will no doubt take at least another 45 minutes. Grrr. Yep, gotta wait. LOL Their calls are monitored.


  1. I've never seen handcrafted genie bottles before. Those are really cool! Sorry about your cable. Glad you got it back on though.

    1. TY! Those are the under structures. I will post the finished bottles as soon as I finish them. One is ready to bake.

  2. Billi, I totally understand the frustration you were having!!!! The "technologically advanced world" we live in makes you wonder how advanced are we really???? On a brighter note -- the genie bottle are so neat. I would love to see them finished!