Friday, August 17, 2012

Kitchen Table Bags: Making and Bagged

I am using all the leftovers from all the batik bags I have been posting about. So, this is the next, but not last kitchen table project.
I couldn't throw away those gorgeous scraps of high-end upholstery samples and I'm not tired of working with the silk and silver ribbon borders. I plan to use these smaller bags to hold the polymer clay goddesses I have been beading ribbons for.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trip to the Gallery: Bag Bounty

A trip to the gallery was due this week since finishing the kindle/tablet size pockets. I used high end upholstery samples I stashed in the last decade, and silk and silver ribbons I bought forty years ago.
I've been a bag lady for so long, I guess it finally manifested in my work this year. Anyway, I took my camera with me to the gallery to get pictures of the last bags I finished and delivered... without documentation. :-)
I am happy with the body of work as a whole. I know little ways to improve new bags and I used a palette of my fabrics I have wanted to work up for awhile. This is the display of stash bags, kindle pockets and beaded bags made for the Live Life Love Life Gallery in the Glades in Gatlinburg, TN.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sewing in the Kitchen

What happened to July? Such a long story for such a short time. All is well and I have been working in my studio, delivering new work to galleries and staying cool. It has been a whole new heat experience this summer. I have been making bags with the batik and tie dye fabrics I have made throughout the years. I finally got the courage to use the antique silk and silver ribbons I bought in Eureka Springs, AR forty years ago. They were antique when I bought them, hence my caution.
I made eight new small bags and delivered those to the Live Life Love Life Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN. Unfortunately, I delivered them without taking a single picture! Unusual disconnect for me. I plan to take pictures of them in the gallery next delivery.
In the meantime, I am making similar bags only large enough for tablets, pads, nooks and kindles. I have been starting projects every where in my studio. Thinking holiday shopping season will arrive soon. It's always too soon for the holidays. Anyway, I have set up sewing in the kitchen to make these larger bags. So much for dinner at the table for awhile!