Saturday, December 10, 2011

Desk Top: December 10, 2011

The holiday craziness takes a little more of my day as each day passes. Everything is under way but, fortunately, the urgency that always accompanied the season while I worked full time and had two kids at home, is no longer part of the mood. I enjoy doing as much as suits me and, then getting back to work in my studio.
I have been finishing beads I made recently and rediscovered my goddesses while fishing through jars of polymer clay objects I've made periodically. I have some joining and constructing issues I need to work through, as you can see in the purple/green ensemble.
When I am just looking at my poly clay collections of beads and doodads, I am drawn by the color. I can't help not gathering matching colors, even when I know I want to create better beads and doodads for my goddesses. It's something like playing with colors in kindergarten...y'know?

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