Friday, January 20, 2012

Desktop, January 20, 2012: Procrastination

Maybe it's the "after holiday" slump? Maybe I need a nap...whatever it is, I am putting off taking photos of the new work I want to put on Etsy and take to the gallery. I have avoided the photo shoot by starting a new goddess each time.
Now, I need to clear my work tables to start making new work for spring. I especially like Mother's Day and Easter because of the flowers and pastels. With that in mind I have rigged a "light box" to hang the goddesses. It is rough but I'm pretty sure it will work. I, also, need to photograph the goddesses in a position other than hanging. I'm hoping I'll figure that out. LOL


  1. :) Lovely how you put them in a cupcake dish! Perfect! Good luck with your designs!

  2. Those designs are lovely, best get photographing.
    As for poses, you can do a shot of the goddess laying down, and perhaps another in your hand?

  3. I am the same way! We should definitely start a procrastination club, or procrastination team on etsy! .... but maybe tomorrow ;-)

  4. As a fellow member of Blogging Buddies, just called in to see what you're about. Love the goddesses and the light box; have just got myself a mini-studio and am playing with it at Nothing published yet, but getting there slowly. Hope to see you there: meanwhile, am following you.