Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Next Step: Desktop, January 25, 2012

I finished making twelve goddesses and hung them up to survey my work. Big mistake, thinking I was done, right? As I looked them over I couldn't help but notice I have made some polymer clay beads that, surprise, match a few of my goddesses.
So, I pull all my large hole beads, polymer and glass lamp work alike, in order to peruse the color explosion in front of me. I start draping beads on hooks with coordinating goddesses.
Then I sit back to try to grasp this new element...beads, too? I look at the goddesses I didn't find beads to match. Are they "naked" or actually more powerful?
I try the switch between with beads and without beads with the red goddess because I loved her without extra beads. My quandary remains, "With or without more beads?" I put off (procrastinate)such decisions before I make a spontaneous choice I'll be sorry about later. I have put away the bead madness and am thinking, "Spring!".


  1. Maybe make some with more and some with less and see which sells better? Just a thought :)

  2. Love these! Very colorful and fun!

  3. Loving all the bright colours in the last photo :)

    Sometimes we can drive ourselves so crazy making decisions. It was best you put it away for another day :)

    I'm with Heather, maybe some with more, some with less and see what sells :) T.

  4. Love the bright and fun colors, great work!

  5. These are beautiful.

    I personally prefer more beads, but that could just me my won taste. ;-)