Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Out of Ornaments

I received an unexpected email from one of my galleries, "I'm out of ornaments!". So, I search through my own stash of Xmas decorations knowing I had plain glass ornaments to hang on my tree. Of course, the box of plain red ornaments was in the fartherest back stack...on the bottom. Always, right? I commenced making red and green themed canes and ran out of red and green Argh. But I concocted a green and decided to use 'tomato red'. Not perfect but, they were out of ornaments! I work all day and make five new ornaments.
Then I check my email that evening and reread the out of ornaments email. There was a little comment at the very end that said, "I have only one little ginger man left. Great, I should have read a little more carefully...they're out of gingerbread ornaments! So, I have no clay the color I used last year, and still out of red and green. I used the concocted green and discovered a little special effects red stashed away in my fancy clay box. Here is the last two days of polymer clay gingerbread people. Still need to add copper hangers but I'll be going to the gallery in a day or so. Whew!


  1. Wow - any tree with any of these on will look super duper! Well done you - especially being able to respond at such a rate. Hope they all sell out - but not before you've been able to replenish your supplies.

    1. Thank you, Isobel! I'm hoping there will be a couple left to give for holiday gifts. I can't order clay till some sales show up in my account. I'll need lots of red for Valentines.