Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Polymer Clay First Switch plates

I started experimenting with plastic switch plates and polymer clay veneers last month. One of the gallery owners, in Gatlinburg, liked the idea of switch plates when I mentioned to her what I was working on in my studio. I have been taking advantage of free tutorials I find on the internet about polymer clay techniques. I have been learning to make new surface treatments and patterns for the flat surfaces on the switch plates.
This is the first triple slot switch plate I have made. The detail technique that creates the high relief texture is a new technique for me. I learned to make a slice of clay thick enough to serve as a support for the center of each switch plate while they baked. Good lesson for me.
The two single switch plates, each with a monochromatic layered or tiered color surface, is another new technique. I really like it. I'm experimenting with various colors to find dramatic, bold color combinations in the clay "sandwiches" that I make, to create the layered or tiered look. It's a white sheet of clay sandwiched between two contrasting colors. That sandwich is rolled through the pasta machine at different thicknesses, torn and layered on the surface of the switch plate. The tutorial called it a "faux watercolor" technique. This is a surface treatment I can see using and I'm having great fun playing with the color...polymer clay is like art crack. :-)


  1. Very colorful and beautiful! And so fun!

    Jessica from the Doily Duck

  2. Billi, I didn't know you played with polymer clay, too! I'd love your opinion on my "new" polymer clay focals that I've been making. (I've been making and playing with polymer clay for a few years now). Thank you for looking!

    Also, I adore your switch plates, bottles and ornaments. What great ideas! :) I don't have the patience for such big projects! LOL! And my cane making ability is not the greatest, yet. ;)

    Andrea G.