Thursday, January 31, 2013

Funky Biddy Bottles

After the holidays and putting together new inventory for my galleries, my thought, "What's next?" When I used left-over canes to make some strange blooms for the garden switch plates, I had to recognize that I had thoroughly enjoyed making them. I, also, had accumulated multiple mini bottles that my son has been saving for me. Hark, inspiration!
These bottles are the first. One is titled "Fuchsia Blue Funk" and the other " Stroppel Wasabi Leaf".
This is the front and back of this bottle. Note the earrings, I splurged with sterling silver. I did some research on magical dolls in the Voudoun culture, generally known as poppets. I discovered that Bridie Dolls were created for good luck, fertility, protection, etc. for new brides by the the bride's house slaves. Through time the dolls were referred to as Biddy Dolls. I love that they are good magic. I have translated the concept to become "Biddy Bottles" that I am making for good magic. I'm considering stones, crystals and herbs to put inside the bottles. But I have only finished the first bottle. Now, for the next!

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