Friday, February 8, 2013

New Biddy Bottles

I am working on my Biddy (bye-dee) Bottles and am having great fun using full spectrum colors without apology. Each figure is unique. Now, I need to step up my cane making to keep the colors and shapes evolving. Here are some images of this week's work. Three bottles, front and back of two Biddy Bottles.
I have descriptions of the historical and spiritual meanings of stones and crystals. I have several big lists I collected when I was a silver/goldsmith. I have always loved stones, gem and otherwise. Also, my brother was a lapidary expert. We always had tumblers full of stones/minerals running 24/7 when I was a child.
I discovered another listing recently, posted it on my FB page( for future reference. I am going to merge the lists and see how they compare. Why? Because I have an inventory of stones from my years of traditional jewelry making days and would love to use them in a meaningful way. The Biddy Bottles give me a vehicle to incorporate these stones since I want to develop them into good karma kinds of symbols/bottles.


  1. Stopping by to have a look at your blog and follow your journey through the bead soup blog party. This is my first one!

  2. Billi, I have replied to your emails at least 5 times with my info. Please check your spam folder. I mailed your soup last Tuesday. Sneak Peek is posted on my blog. Thanks !!