Monday, February 6, 2012

Finishing Polymer Pins: February 6, 2012

Having finished the goddesses and getting stopped in my tracks when I started pairing beads with the pendants, I decided to transition into another polymer clay season/session. This is sort of a segue into pulling tools and reorganizing my primary creative space...known by many as my desktop. A conversion from the bead and wire portion of the goddesses to opening the polymer clay studio. Thinking about matching beads for some goddesses. Any excuse to clay again.
Remembering that I put some of the polymer clay stuff away unfinished I started in my stash. Found three unfinished shield brooches, one fan brooch and seven small, textured brooches. Each one needs a pin back applied.
I first checked the back and strength of each piece. On the shields with the dark gray/black back sides I added a medium thick sheet of polymer. That adds some strength and provides an even surface to mount pin backs on. I,also, made rectangular tabs of polymer to use for the pin backs.
The four texture brooches need an even finish on the back as well.
I'll scratch the back of the brooch where it will be under the pin back. I scratch the pin back itself to create a little texture for the glue to adhere to the brooch back. After I let the glue set for a few minutes I apply the black polymer tabs over the pin backs and then I cure the brooches. I'll get finished images to share after I cure everything. Caio!


  1. It looks amazing! By the way I do Etsy blog interviews so feel free to contact me if you are interested!

  2. Such dynamic, rich looking pieces. Really intricate. Like each one tells a story. Can't wait to see pictures of them once they're cured...

    Popping in from the Etsy Blog Team...