Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm resurrecting this blog, it remains ultimately relevant to where I've been the last few years, and where I'm at today. I will be posting about being in my studio everyday. It's the dream I had, as an art student, of one day getting to work in my studio everyday. It was seemingly a simple dream yet I had no idea of what the journey would be, then. Now, I have a little better idea. I remain steadfast on my path and the journey continues to amaze and excite me.

I am going to be teaching myself all the blog stuff (finally), y'know links, slide shows, dancing bears and who knows what I will find. So there will be experiments and tests in this learning process I will share with you. Maybe that should be a warning.

I spent my summer learning about and making polymer clay beads, and reading about online venues. Plenty to talk about on that research. After three weeks of study and preparation, I ultimately opened my shop on Etsy:

LOL! Now that you know, we're in this together! Later!

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