Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've been reading "The Spiritual Reawakening of The Great Smoky Mountains" by Page Bryant. A co-worker gave me a copy with great enthusiasm, some time ago. Anyway, I learned about a spiritual belief, now myth, of the  concerning the "Little People". "The Little People, at least those that still remain, are divided into three different types: the Laurel People, the Rock People, and the Dogwood People.

The Rock People are reported to be mean spirited, the Laurel People are benignly mischievous, and the Dogwood People are good samaritans. With that on my mind, I created a treasury from etsy of polymer clay art dolls from the woodlands. I had to wonder just what kind of little person each of them might be. I'm going to try to post it, at least, I hope the link appears. Check it out, it'll make you smile...and wonder, mean, mischievous, or good?

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