Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wed. Sept. 21, 2011

Last night I had my idea for yesterday's post. I decided I needed to make a cheat sheet of all this new web activity...cause I can't remember addresses or numbers anymore. I collected my materials meaning all the scraps of paper I've written urls on. It was a significant pile. Okay, this will be a good thing, except it was 12:30 am. I thought I was feeling tired...duh. Right? I thought to myself that I couldn't ignore my needs anymore. I went to bed and I'm here writing about it now. Still gotta eat and get dressed.

I will probably always be challenged by my health issues and I'm getting better at it. There is a part of me that is still very young and dismisses my body's needs. Now I understand I can think like I'm 28 but my body is on it's own schedule. I am grateful to have that insight...the alternative is so dead.

I am charged with creating an etsy shop for my 86 year old mother. Most of you know her as "Mom". I wondered why she was crocheting an orange afghan, she usually has a baby or wedding she is making an afghan for...but orange, really? She came to me with a beautiful orange afghan with a bold, big white letter "T" crocheted in the center. I took pictures cause I have been posting her activities on my personal Facebook page. That was last week. Yesterday she told me she wanted to use "Dee" for her shop and was curious if I had posted her afghan yet.

OOOh, I get it. She wants an etsy shop...o boy...just as I am figuring it out for my self. So today, besides grocery shopping, I will be creating "GreatGrammaDee's" etsy shop. I'll post that when it is done. Mom does beautiful work and I'm excited that she will be working on more projects cause she'll have her shop! So it begins.

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