Thursday, October 6, 2011

Desktop 10/6/2011

Stopped claying long enough to realize I was getting tuckered out. So, I took a moment to look at the days work. Started the day deconstructing my pasta machine. I won't go round anymore. It was a year old, inexpensive cause it was my first, I simply wore it down. Ordered a new one online, for $10 more dollars than the first. Will that last two years? I can hope, right?

I been making canes. I've been making canes, red, green, gold and white. Knowing exactly what I need made creating a variety of canes today was fun. Before I log out tonight I want to post my desktop and a detail of the millefiori cane line up.Posting by midnight. WooHoo!


  1. hi, looking good over here, looking forward to seeing the canes.

  2. Thanks for the follow!!!!!!!! Happy weekend!!

    Garden Gnome Arts

    Come say hello!

  3. Cin, There will be more. Making canes is addicting.

    Camille, Welcome and thank you back.