Saturday, October 29, 2011

Desktop: October 29, 2011, Christmas polymer

I started to play with wrapping a light sheet of clay around the end of the bulb and a shaped paperclip as a hanger. I did wrap it and used enough clay to fashion a hanger of sorts. I pulled it apart because while it would hang securely, the whole thing was just too heavy. Back to the drawing board.
Here, I was getting a shot of the beads I had in progress and ended up with a shot of the Christmas light bulb cured. Still don't know how to hang it. Even wrapping wire around it seems visually clumsy. Maybe a cold solder technique? Anyway, I did fill the bead baking rack and ended up with Christmas colored lot of beads. They still need to be finished.
You can see the green beads w/ blue lines in the first set of beads. I really like the color. It was truly a break from the red and green palette I've been working with the last two days. I've started loading the baking rack with matching simple blue beads.

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  1. wow, you're so talented! :) love your new blog. there's so much i can learn. great photos also. :) following.

    have a great day!