Sunday, October 23, 2011

Desktop: October 23, 2011

I finished all the little Christmas polymer clay ideas I had floating around in my head. I have a few yet to tweak but I'm just done tweaking for a few days. I've been puttering around the house today. Y'know, clean a little this, put away that while I let ideas float through my mind. Did a little drawing before I experimented with the Christmas bulbs and polymer. Wasn't sure about any application or techniques, let alone if they bake. This is today's adventure. The polymer adhered perfectly to the surface of the bulbs. I can consider some more ideas. I wonder how I can hang them?


  1. Curious, will it still light up with the clay?

  2. You are brave to try new options! Good for you!

  3. The strand died and I saved the bulbs. I plan to look for a replacement strand this year. I'll screw it into anywhere it fits! LOL